“It’s about honoring people as individuals first”

Collective Moments Dance Company was established on January 16th, 2021 by Kaylee Mahan. Kaylee has created this company in hopes to share her passion for choreography and to express the importance of honoring dancers as individual people. 

Artist Statement

“What interests me in choreographing is the magic that takes place, something that you just don’t create on your own. Everything collects. Life is collective moments in time, that is shared and you are truly never alone.

It is important to me as a choreographer to acknowledge dancers as individual people. That is the magic, that is what is so special. 


It’s not about who can look like me in my moves. We are all different, different bodies, minds, experiences, and that is what is so special. That’s where the magic is for me. Honoring ourselves and each other as individuals then creates those collective moments. 


So let's get to moving and grooving. 


Lets Collect”